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  • Insert date : 2020-05-10
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Kanikav Kashan Company 

Kanikav Kashan company, established in 2007 in Iran, taking advantage of mines and vast resources throughout the region produces micronized powders such as Bentonite, barite, Hematite and Silica Flour and other minerals required by a broad spectrum of industries such as oil drilling, steel manufacturing, casting, brake pad manufacturing, Bituminous waterproofing and asphalt, etc. In addition to producing micronized powders, the company is able to produce drilling salt, calcium carbonate and Gilsonite as well. Every day, we meet and exceed the expectations of our clientele through our mass efficient production in Iran.

Kanikav Kashan is one of the pioneers in the development of industrial minerals in Iran and has served a significant role in exporting to foreign countries such as Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, etc. during recent years.

Being equipped with the most modern facilities and machineries in production line, the company has been practically able to compete with other domestic and foreign rivals by providing high quality products and services as per international standards. Strong commitments and to quality, reliability, and experience in international trade has positioned Kanikav Kashan as a preferred supplier of high quality industrial minerals from Iran.

Prominent Features of Kanikav Kashan:

-Producing high quality products in accordance with the customers' demands and as per the international standards

-Access to high-tech facilities and machineries and rich mines and resources

 -High production capacity to meet the customers' requirements -Providing services to a wide spectrum of industries

-Maintenance and constancy of quality

-Punctual delivery of products

-Competitive prices