Properties Bentonite
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Bentonite is known‘mineral soap’ and ‘soap clay’. Impeccable effectiveness, resistant to moisture and longer shelf life are prominent features of Bentonite. It generally falls under Montmorillonite group, which expands when wet, absorbing many times its dry mass. When dispersed in water, it exhibits thixotropic property forming highly stable colloidal suspensions with high viscosity. And at high enough concentration, it begins to take on the characteristics of a gel, which makes it useful drilling mud in the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry. On the other hand, it also seals the walls of the holes, thus preventing water loss. As Bentonite contains 60-80% Montmorillonite it provides special properties such as swelling and adsorption. The triple-layer silicate can absorb an exceptional quantity of water and expands by a multiple of the original size. The inner surface of a gram of Bentonite is 400–600 m² – normal clay only has 2 m². The swelling and viscosity behavior of Bentonite in the presence of water as well as its particularly high inner surface open numerous application options for the mineral. The most common use of Bentonite is in drilling fluids. The Bentonite in the flush fluid lubricates and cools the cutting tools while protecting against corrosion. As the drilling fluid generates hydrostatic pressure in the borehole, it hinders fluid and gas penetration. The drilling liquid as the “Clay of 1000 uses”. It is a highly absorbent clay which was originally known as conveys the drill cuttings to the surface. When the purge pumps have idle periods, the Thixotrophy of the Bentonite hinders the stone material from dropping back into the drilled shaft.
Bentonite is widely used in the oil field as a drilling fluid mud additive which enhances viscosity and filtration control. Bentonite has high bonding properties when mixed with sand. Bentonite swells when wet, has gel-forming properties, is a major component of water-based drilling mud, and is of low acute toxicity. It also provides viscosity, gel strengths, and filtration control properties in freshwater drilling fluids. The product can be extended to provide increased viscosity and gel properties by the addition of small concentrations of water-soluble polyacrylate polymers, Bentonite adds in reducing filtrate and the high-temperature, high pressure filtrate loss in water-base drilling fluids. Bentonite develops the necessary viscosity and gels for suspension of BARITE and drill cuttings. Other applications of Bentonite include pelletizing industry, Ceramic industry, Earthing, Civil Engineering Industry, Cosmetic Industry, decolorizing industry for purifying oils, water wells industry, dams, and horizontal drill, etc.
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