Sodium Chloride

Properties Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride also known as salt or halite, is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl. Industrial salt finds application in various fields and sectors such as metal processing, oil & gas drilling, pigment manufacturer, caustic soda & soda ash manufacturing, thermal power plant & leather manufacturing, steel industries, animal hide processing, ceramic industries, soap & detergent manufacturing, food industries, textile & dyeing industries, and rubber manufacturing.

Sodium chloride is heavily used, so even relatively minor applications can consume massive quantities. In oil and gas exploration, salt is an important component of drilling fluids in well drilling. It is used to flocculate and increase the density of the drilling fluid to overcome high down well gas pressures. Whenever a drill hits a salt formation, salt is added to the drilling fluid to saturate the solution in order to minimize the dissolution within the salt stratum. Since oil wells are deeper in comparison with other types, protection of their wall is crucial. In the oil-drilling industry, sodium chloride can be used as an ingredient for drilling fluids which are used to lubricate and cool the drilling head during the drilling process, transport the drill cuttings to the surface and to stabilize boreholes. Salt is also used to increase the curing of concrete in cemented casings. Our Salt is highly acclaimed in all around the region for its supreme quality and purity.

To meet various demands on drilling fluids, Kanikav offers industrial salt in various grain sizes.