Micro Silica

Properties Micro Silica
Code : 0017 Package Type : Jumbo Bag

Silica is chemical compound of silicon and oxygen, silicon dioxide SiO2, found in the form of rock and commonly called Silica. When silica is powdered it is called "silica flour". Silica flour is simply made by grinding pure silica sand to a very fine powder. Silica Flour is used in oil well cements to inhabit strength retrogression at elevated temperature. As a cement extender it increases low shear viscosity and prevents cement sedimentation.

 We produce high grade silica flour with 99% purity in various particle sizes. Silica Flour is also needed for production of Glass, Ceramics, Composite and Engineered Stone, Chemical Apparatus, Refractories Lenses and Prisms, Iron and Steel, Foundry, Paints, Solar Glass and Cosmetics Abrasive, toothpaste, scouring powder and metal polish etc. It is also used as a cheap filler in plaster and some plastics to add strength, or just to reduce the amount of (expensive) resin needed to fill a mold.

Silica flour contains 100% crystalline silica and is a common ingredient, in products such as surface coatings, abrasives, plastics etc. it is used industrially as an abrasive cleaner and as inert filler. It is an extender in paint, a wood filler and a component in road surfacing mixtures. It is also used in some foundry processes and in construction industry. Silica flour is Widely used for rust removal, pool water filtration and surface coating.

Kanikav Kashan offers high purity, fine silica flour with particle sizes ranging from 100 Mesh to 325 Mesh in different packing.